CornCCoB (first published 22/3/2013)


I have some exciting news (well, exciting for me, at least) – I have successfully secured funding for a project which will explore Cornwall’s creative communities and the role of broadband (CornCCoB). I’m off down to Cornwall for 2 weeks to talk with a variety of creative professionals, along with people leading community arts projects and outreach programmes. I’m really looking forward to both learning more about the nature of Cornwall’s creative cultures, and getting a better understanding of the role that broadband can play within this, in enabling creative practitioners and communities to reach out and better network with potential clients and collaborators. I’m also interested in those who do not use the web for their work/activities – what holds people back from engaging with the web? Is there any kind of support which might be welcome? I will be updating this blog throughout the process so please stay tuned to see how the research unfolds.